Aerial Vehicle Insurance

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) estimates that 30,000 commercial and civil drones will likely be in the skies of the United States by year 2020. There are few industries that will not be affected in some way by the availability and popularity of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV). Although the FAA, federal and state governments are moving to enact laws and rules to regulate Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS), there in no certainty of how UAV and UAS will be restricted or what penalties an operator may face for improper deployment of drones. The absence of clear regulations creates a unique set of risks for operators however invasion of privacy, damage to property and personal injury are the most serious concerns. Whether your UAV is remotely piloted, semi-autonomous or fully autonomous, an aircraft drone insurance policy is essential. We offer hull coverage, extra equipment coverage to include all "on board tools and equipment", and broad liability coverages. Our drone policy parts can be combined in a suite or issued "stand alone".